Dear New Pacemaker Recipient;


This letter will introduce you to the pacemaker follow up services available in Peterborough.


As a new pacemaker patient, you may have questions and concerns about your pacemaker and how it will affect your life.  The staff in the pacemaker clinic are fully prepared to answer any of these questions and will give you literature to take home.  You should be given a temporary identification card in the hospital. One sent in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks will replace this. If you do not receive it, let the staff know.


Either the surgeon or the pacemaker clinic staff will see you within 14 days for suture removal. Sometime in the first 8 weeks following implantation, and depending on the type of pacemaker you had, you will be assessed in the pacemaker clinic. You should receive this appointment in the mail. Call the above number if you do not. The pacemaker clinic is located on the 3rd floor of the Kawartha Cardiology Clinic at 327 Charlotte Street in Peterborough.  There is parking at the back of the building. There is a $3.00 parking fee.


During the first visit, a full assessment of your pacemaker function will be done and any questions you have will be answered by one of the staff nurses.   A schedule of follow up will be established that is convenient and safe. It will involve 2 or 3 visits in the first year and fewer in subsequent years.  The pacemaker clinic does not assume your general or your cardiology care. You should continue seeing any other doctors you have.  They will receive reports on your pacemaker function.  Please bring a list of all medications each time you come to clinic.


In the first six weeks following implantation, use your arm normally but avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting. You should not golf, swim or play tennis in the first month. You may shower after the stitches are out. You may use all normally functioning household equipment including microwave.


We look forward to meeting you at your clinic visit.


Jennifer Fraser, Reg. N.                        Nicole Harder, Reg. N.                        Jane McMillan, Reg. N.