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American College of Cardiology

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American Heart Association

American Medical Association (AMA) Consumer Page

Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Canadian Diabetes Association

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Patient Info (St. Michael's)

Canadian Hypertension Society

Health Canada

Health Canada-Adult Health Interactive

Health Canada- Healthy Heart Kit

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Heart Failure Online

Heart Failure Society of America

HeartInfo - Heart Information Network

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

HeartPoint Home Page

Medscape Cardiology Patient

National Women's Health Information Center (USPHS/Office on Women's Health)

Ottawa Cardiovascular Centre

The Health Infopark

The On-line Journal of Cardiology
World Health Association
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Parke-Davis: Disease and Treatment Info
Pfizer For Living

The MERCK MANUAL-Home Edition

Heart Disease - MERCK

High Blood Pressure - MERCK

NASPE - Heart Rhythm Society