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Kawartha Cardiology is committed to positively impacting the cardiovascular health of the residents of the five counties that we serve. Approximately 350,000 residents of Ontario are within our catchment area. Our primary clinic is in Peterborough with additional outreach locations in surrounding counties. Kawartha Cardiology’s mission is to provide comprehensive, integrated services focused on the diagnosis, management, treatment and education of cardiovascular health and rehabilitation.

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Our Team

Our cardiologists offer expert care in the primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerotic heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, electrophysiology and cardiac imaging.

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Services provided by the physicians and allied professionals emphasize the diagnosis, management, treatment and education of cardiovascular health and rehabilitation.

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Kawartha Cardiology Clinic is a progressive state of the art facility with leading cardiologists, nurses, technical and support staff in the field. Find out more about employment opportunities.

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Device Clinic

The Device Clinic provides follow-up for patients with Cardiac Implantable Devices such as Loop Recorders, pacemakers and Implantable Defibrillators. Information for patients and physicians.

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About Us


Kawartha Cardiology emphasizes the following services: diagnosing; treatment of short-term problems; collaborating with specialists from other disciplines to manage cardiovascular risk; intervening in a timely manner to prevent negative patient outcomes; managing the treatment and symptoms of patients with chronic heart disease to optimize their quality of life; monitoring and documenting cardiovascular treatment outcomes to improve population based care; and keeping patients out of the hospital where possible.

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Find Us

Kawartha Cardiology Clinic

327 Charlotte Street

Peterborough, Ontario K9J 0B2


(705) 740-6888


Having a Test?

Kawartha Cardiology provides an array of cardiac testing

Find more information about the following tests: Echo-Doppler, Carotid screening, Ambulatory ECG Monitoring (Holter), Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, All Modalities of Stress Testing, Stress Echo, Standard Stress Testing, Nuclear Cardiology, Pacemaker and Defibrillator care, and IVMC (Integrated Vascular Management Clinic)

Kawartha Cardiology is a scent-free, tree nut and peanut-free facility.


Covid-19 Instructions

Although wearing a mask is no longer required while you visit the Kawartha Cardiology Clinic, you *will* be asked to wear a mask temporarily if having any echo based appointments (Echo Doppler, Dobutamine Echo etc.).

You *may* be requested to wear a mask:

  • If you are unwell or symptomatic
  • If you are participating in any other testing or appointment in which you are in close proximity to our staff

We thank you for your patience and your cooperation while at the Kawartha Cardiology Clinic.