Kawartha Cardiology’s Services

Services provided by the physicians and allied professionals emphasize the diagnosis, management, treatment and education of cardiovascular health and rehabilitation.

Services provided:

  • Comprehensive Cardiac Diagnostics
  • Chest Pain Clinic – within 24 hrs of referral*
  • TIA Clinic – within 72 hrs of referral*
  • Heart Failure Clinic – within 72 hrs of referral*
  • Atrial Fibrillation Clinic – within 7 days of referral*
  • Rapid Access Clinic – within 14 days of referral*
  • Vascular Risk Optimization Clinic – Identify, stratify and modify*
  • General Cardiology Consultation
  • Regional Cardiac Implanted Device Clinic

Across the spectrum of services provided our aim is to Identify, Stratify, and Modify the natural progression of vascular disease amongst our patients to improve quality and quantity of life, reduce disability, minimalize hospitalizations and shorten hospital stay.

*Please note – these services are provided in collaboration with the Peterborough Regional Health Centre