Our Team

Our Team

The following is information about the Cardiologists that work with Kawartha Cardiology.


Our cardiologists offer expert care in the primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerotic heart disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, electrophysiology, women’s health and cardiac imaging. Each day of the week, there is a Cardiologist assigned to manage urgent requests, abnormal tests, phone calls from physicians, Chest Pain Fast Track, TIA and Heart Function Clinics.  This physician can be reached by calling (705) 740-6888 EXT 9 or 1 and asking to be directed to the Cardiologist of the day. 

Dr. Katie M. Doucet, Cardiologist

Phone: (705) 775-3379

Fax: (705) 775-5927


Dr. Michael Hartleib, Cardiologist

Phone: (705) 775-0320

Fax: (705) 775-0128


Dr. William G. Hughes, Cardiologist

Phone: (705) 743-3555

Fax: (705) 775-3555


Dr. Andrew Kelly, Cardiologist

Phone: (705) 775-3422

Fax: (705) 775-3425


Dr. Rachelle Krause, Cardiologist

Phone: (705) 775-5728

Fax: (705) 775-3425


Dr. John Reesor, Cardiologist

Phone: (705) 775-6870

Fax: (705) 775-6868


Dr. Karen E. Wagner, Cardiologist

Phone: (705) 775-5924

Fax: (705) 775-5927